Remembrance of Allah: A Reflection on Selected Qur’anic Verses

  • Prof Dr Israr Ahmad Khan Department of Tafsir, Social Sciences University of Ankara, Türkiye
Keywords: Remembrance of Allah, Qur'anic Verses, Spiritual Significance, Linguistic Analysis, Psychological Impact, Ethical Dimensions, Islamic Spirituality.


This research explores the profound theme of the remembrance of Allah as elucidated in selected Qur'anic verses. The study delves into the spiritual significance and guidance derived from the act of remembering Allah, examining its various manifestations in the Qur'an. The research employs an analytical approach to dissect specific verses that emphasize the importance of remembrance, shedding light on its multifaceted impact on individual spirituality and communal well-being. The investigation begins by providing a theoretical framework, drawing on classical exegesis and contemporary interpretations to enrich the understanding of remembrance in the Qur'an. Additionally, the study investigates the linguistic nuances of key Arabic terms related to remembrance, uncovering layers of meaning that contribute to a comprehensive comprehension of the subject. Furthermore, the research explores the psychological and emotional dimensions of engaging in the remembrance of Allah, considering its effects on inner peace, mindfulness, and overall mental well-being. It also delves into the ethical and moral implications, highlighting how the act of remembrance influences one's behaviours and interactions within society. The findings of this research offer valuable insights into the transformative power of remembrance as a spiritual practice and its relevance in contemporary contexts. By reflecting on selected Qur'anic verses, this study contributes to the ongoing discourse on Islamic spirituality and provides a deeper understanding of the significance of remembrance in the lives of believers.


Al-Mu'minun: 12

Al-Hijr: 29 ; Al-Sajdah, 9

Al-Qalam,: 4

Al-Rum : 21

Al-Fatiha : 01; Al-Ikhlas : 01

Aal Imran : 191

Al-Ahzab : 35


Taha :13-14

Ibn al- Mubarak, Abndullah bin Mubarak, Al-Zuhd wa al-Raqaiq, Ed: Habib al-Rahman al-Azmi, Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyyah, Beirut, p:502, Hadith Number:1432


Al-Jumu’ah :9

Taha :14

Al-'Ankabut : 45

Al-Hajj : 41

Al- Baqarah :152

Aal Imran :135



Al-Shams: 7-8

Al-Hadid :16

Al-Nisa - 82

Muhammad : 24

Sad: 29

Aal Imran : 191

Al- Baqarah : 44

Al-Hadid :25

Al-Qasas : 77

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