About the Journal


Aims and Objectives of Research Journal : JIHAT_UL ISLAM

Islam commands and   urges Muslims to ponder and meditate about everything in this Universe,  in first  revelation, cogitation and deliberation was valued  and   signified to depict the worth of intellectual work for mankind. . Journal of JIHAT_UL ISLAM provides a channel

 to introduce the knowledge of Islamic thoughts produced in Pakistan and in  the Islamic world to the intellectuals round the globe, since 2007. The journal aims to improve this function further every passing year, in terms of scope.. Journal JIHAT_UL ISLAM is a peer-reviewed journal and targets to make use of the experiences of local and foreign professionals. The journal also aims the intellectual consideration of scientific richness of global scale Islamic thought via an analytical method and to emerge the intellectual knowledge of Islamic thought, critically. The journal publishes original research articles about Islam and Islamic thought, philosophy, history, geography, World Religions, art, aesthetics, and literature. Additionally, the journal aims to publish copyrighted articles or their translations that haven’t been published previously, targeting to present the true identity of Islam and, about fundamentals and scientific, social and, cultural issues of Islam.  It aims to highlight the contemporary, contribution in various fields of Islamic studies such as Quran, Tafsir, Hadith, Kalam, Islamic Law, Islamic History and Arts, Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Religious Education, Sufism, Literature, Sociology, Psychology, History of Religions, Movement of Thought, as well as to the various disciplines of Islamic Thought and Science.